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Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate flooring installation is often viewed as a DIY project, but that might not be the best option for everyone. There are a number of reasons to use an experienced professional. We will take a look at a few scenarios to help you decide if you should go it alone or have your new floor installed by a pro.


You. How handy you are is a big part of the equation, but bear in mind that a lot of the work involved in flooring installation is done on your hands and knees, and getting up and down over and over. For many people, this is - or becomes - strenuous after a morning of work. Generally speaking, you will be up and down at least once per row to cut the start and end boards.


Your equipment. While laminate flooring does not require special saws for cutting, success and survival expectations with a hand saw should be pretty low. Laminate flooring is hard, so hand cutting really should not be considered an option. A radial arm saw should be considered a vital tool. Whether you have access to one or not you should probably consider hiring an experienced professional.


Your house. Not all houses are the same. An above-grade room with a simple shape might be very do-able as a DIY project. But when you start dealing with below-grade rooms, possible moisture concerns, oddly shaped rooms, closets, doorways, and various types of transitions (i.e.; laminate to carpet, laminate to tile, etc.) there is a lot of value in hiring a pro. They will ensure proper installation while taking all of the variables of the room into consideration. And the project will not take nearly as long, giving you back your living space sooner.


So, while laminate flooring installation can be a gratifying homeowner DIY project, it may not be worth the time and risk. Just know that there is always a flooring expert waiting to help.




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