Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl Flooring

An entire generation growing up in the 1970s as children can remember vinyl floor in its early days, with an almost paper thin layer, odd manufactured colors, and almost crash proof surfacing that could take a beating without showing much. Unfortunately, it was also hard to walk on, would peel, and started to fade due to sun exposure in large window rooms. Those days are long gone, fortunately, and folks now grown up should reconsider what today's vinyl flooring has to offer.

Modern vinyl still retains a very resilient resistance to moisture and mold, making it a great flooring surface for high traffic areas that also see a lot of water splash, such as bathrooms and kitchens. And now vinyl flooring is fabricated with a built in cushion layer, which entirely changes how the modern version feels to walk on versus what people remember from their childhood. Further, vinyl choices come in a far greater variety, with many selection imitating stone and wood textures and patterns down to the finest detail. Finally, vinyl can be laid in through two different approaches: a solid sheet that minimizes the number of seams and cut points, covering a floor with an entire layer, or the tile approach which often works better for the higher end detail choices and luxury vinyl selections.

The most important aspect, the coating for wear and tear, has been developed considerably since earlier days, with today's vinyl floor able to take on far greater traffic and impact demand than ever before. This enhances puncture resistance, scratch and gouging resistance, and moisture entry (which used to cause the peeling and bubbling effect with old vinyl sheets). 

Smith & Purvis Carpet One's choices for vinyl floor will be more than adequate to meet the most demanding conditions, including high traffic walkways. Give us a call to find out more, or visit us in Hammond, LA. 

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