Vinyl Floor Care

vinyl floor Hammond, LAVinyl looks good and stays looking good - it is durable and low maintenance. Vinyl flooring does require regular cleaning and care in order to continue to look the way it did when first installed.

To protect your vinyl floors, put doormats outside of each entrance. Dirt and dust can wear down the finish while things such as driveway sealer and salt can cause even more problems. Using doormats reduces the amount of grit and grime tracked in. If you move furniture, then put down plywood or paneling so you are not dragging items across the floor, causing scuffs. It also helps to put vinyl coasters under furniture legs.

Close blinds or curtains if extreme direct sunlight is entering the room - light can cause vinyl to fade. Worse, it tends to cause it to fade unevenly. Heat can also loosen vinyl flooring.

Regular cleaning is important. Vinyl floors should be swept at least once a week to remove debris and dust. You should also mop frequently with water. Flooring products can leave residue which builds up, dulling the color of your floor. Wipe up spills immediately before they turn into stains. If your floor needs more attention, then look at the manufacturers' instructions so you know what not to use. Apple cider vinegar can be a good stain remover - it does not build up soap or wax. Mix one cup to a gallon of hot water. Consider using white vinegar in kitchens and bathrooms as it also disinfects and repels pests.

When wiping up spills use a plain white cloth, as dye can easily transfer onto the floor and stain. Never use an abrasive material such as steel wool that will scratch the surface. Although you can vacuum vinyl floors, you should be careful and never use a beater bar attachment. Also, do not use ammonia or ammonia-based cleaning solutions - these can cause cracks. Always use a product that is recommended by the manufacturer and designed for vinyl floors.

Your vinyl floor can and will last for years if you practice proper vinyl floor maintenance. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer or one of our flooring experts.