Hardwood Flooring

Nothing can beat the natural beauty of hardwood floors.

Hardwood & Engineered Flooring For Your Home

Baby Boomers will remember waiting through endless television advertisements for labor-saving appliances, all electric homes, and wall to wall carpeting, all symbols of affluence and successful accomplishment of the American dream. Fast forward to the present, and the pendulum has swung back to traditional floor coverings. Hardwood flooring has once again become the standard in new construction, and in many cases is being installed over sub-floors where carpet has been removed. 

Gleaming wood with accent rugs add to the attractiveness of any home. There are many products from which to choose, falling mainly into two categories, natural and engineered hardwood. Both have unique characteristics and advantages. Their similarities, however, lie in the fact that once installed, homeowners can expect years and even decades of beauty and functionality. 

Solid, natural hardwood is just that. It is typically cut, planed, sanded, molded to fit together and cut to random lengths. Although hardwoods will continue to shrink and expand with changes in humidity, most are treated with several coats of finish prior to or at installation. This seals the pores of the wood and renders it not susceptible to shrinkage. The hardness and durability of hardwood floors means they will continue to look good for years, with no fading or wear spots.

An alternate choice for hardwood flooring is engineered hardwood. This can be a good solution for areas which experience frequent changes in climate, especially humidity levels. Engineered hardwood does not shrink or expand with the weather, as it is made up of several layers of materials which work together to remain impervious to the elements. Retaining many of the characteristics and properties of solid flooring, engineered hardwood can be a preferred solution, particularly in a basement or below grade application. 

There are many possibilities to consider when choosing hardwood flooring, including type of wood, finishes, solid or engineered. For more information on hardwood flooring and how it can work within your home visit us in Hammond, LA or give us a call at 985-878-5085.

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