Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Hammond, LA

coretec in Hammond, LA

COREtec luxury vinyl flooring has quickly gained popularity and for good reason. COREtec offers the styles you love with the performance you need. We at Smith & Purvis Carpet One are proud to offer a full line of COREtec products that we are sure you’ll love.


COREtec comes in luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) options. An ultra-HD special film layer gives tiles the look of natural stone or tile and gives planks the look of hardwood. This layer even replicates authentic surface textures!

So why choose COREtec over its natural counterparts?

Durability, Performance and 100% Waterproof!

COREtec products include an innovative core structure that is comprised of recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone and PVC. This structure allows the tiles and planks to hold up under any conditions. You won’t have to worry about your floors expanding or contracting under moist or humid conditions.

cork underlayment is attached beneath this structure that provides many benefits. It naturally resists mold and mildew which will keep your home clean and healthy. The underlayment also absorbs sound so you can enjoy quiet floors. And the cork material allows for easy installation, even on imperfect subfloors.

So give us a call at 985-878-5085 or Visit the Store  in Hammond, LA and let one of our experts show you all of the COREtec products available to you!