Carpet Types

Information on the different types of carpet for your lifestyle.

Taking care of your carpet

Carpet maintenance consists of proper vacuuming and the occasional stain removal. Also, every year and a half or so you should have your carpet deep cleaned by a professional. If you do these things regularly, your carpet will grace your floor for many years.

Proper vacuuming of your carpet

Most people run their vacuum cleaner once or twice across their carpet, thinking that will be sufficient. You should vacuum a little more thoroughly to get at the dirt that might be hard to get.

You should divide your wall to wall carpet into squares and attack each of them in turn. Pass your vacuum across each space several times slowly, to make sure you get all the dirt. Pay special attention to areas around where people sit and heavily trafficked areas, making crisscross patterns. Use your crevice tool to clean along the baseboards.

You should vacuum your carpet at least once a week to make sure it remains clean and free of dirt and dust.

Cleaning up stains and spills

It is imperative that you clean up any spills as soon as they happen. Blot the cleaning solution on the spill, working from the edge to the center to keep from spreading the problem. Do not rub too vigorously. Use a white paper towel or several of them at once to dry the affected area of the carpet.

Various kinds of stains (blood, pet accidents, wine, etc.) have specific ways that they can be dealt with. 

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