Beautiful Gaurantee

Information on the Beautiful Guarantee

Beautiful Guarantee

When shopping with Smith & Purvis Carpet One you will be provided with a unique experience as soon as you walk through that front door. You will immediately learn how our store will have exclusive and unique products that will not be found anywhere else. These same exclusive products are frequently backed by industry leading warranties that will assist in giving you the confidence you need in selecting new floors. Some of the premier floors also include the Beautiful Guarantee.

What is the beautiful Guarantee?

For starters, this exclusive guarantee will only apply to select flooring options in the Titanium, Platinum, or Gold SelectAFloor warranty range. After the installation, and within the allotted time, the Beautiful Guarantee allows you to change your decision on the new flooring you just had installed in your home. In fact, you would be able to select a new flooring option for free from the same category (e.g. carpet or hardwood). All you would need to do is pay the difference in the retail price.

Choosing your next floors is not an easy task. It is one that can take a lot of time and effort. It is important that when deciding on the correct floor for your lifestyle, you are choosing a product that you are both confident and comfortable with. Our dedicated staff is here to help you find the perfect floor for your lifestyle.

For complete information on the Beautiful Guarantee, and how it specifically could work with your next purchase, visit Smith & Purvis Carpet One today! 

Beautiful Guarantee - Hammond, LA