Area Rugs

A flooring option that is incredibly stylish and functional.

Benefits of Area Rugs

No matter what kind of flooring you have, whether it is carpet, tile, hardwood, or even concrete, and area rug can change the entire look and style of your room. Here are four things an area rug can do to make any room in your house better.

1. Accent

A rug can add a contrast between your current flooring and the rest of the decor by adding a new color scheme to the mix. Area Rugs come in a variety of different colors and can give a room a much more inviting and warm atmosphere without having to completely change the rest of the flooring.

2. Turns Hard Floors Soft

Not everyone has super soft carpet in all of their rooms. If you have hard wood or tile floors in a room and want to create a soft walking or sitting space, an area rug is an affordable and easy way to do so. You don't need a professional to come install a rug. 

Not only that, but a rug can make a room much safer for those prone to falls, like young kids and older people. 

3. Warm Rooms

Area rugs will help keep any room you put it in much warmer, adding insulation to the floor. Hard wood flooring can trap cold temperatures, making it really cold to walk on during the winter. Instead of installing carpet, an area rug can help trap warm temperatures and save a little money on the heating bill.

4. For When You are Renting

Rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns, so there are plenty of options for any room in the house. This is especially helpful when you are a renter and are not allowed to change out the flooring. Instead, you can buy a rug and add your own personality to the house without breaking your lease.

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